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Men Therapy Session

Group Services


The social aspects of group therapy increase the participants' ability to interact with others through the development of connections with others experiencing similar challenges. Participation in groups decreases isolation, and promotes connectedness. We offer multiple groups at various times and days. We have highlighted a few of our groups below... 



Social Skill Groups

4 age group offerings: 

6-9 years old

10-13 years old

14-16 years old

17-22 years old

Managing Mood Disorders

This group is for individuals who have struggled with managing their moods, due to bi-polar disorder, depression, or anxiety. Participants will learn how to increase positive self-expression, improve relationships, to more effectively manage feelings, and coping skills for stressful situations.

Trauma Survivor Group
This group focuses on healing from trauma related to physical, emotional or sexual abuse, either in childhood or as an adult. 

Cancer Support & Chronic Illness

This ongoing group is for individuals with a serious medical diagnosis who are seeking to manage their anxiety and fear, as well as to find support for relationship concerns that develop as a result of their diagnosis.

Women's Group- "Rebuild"

This group is for women going through a transitional time in their lives. Participants will explore and challenge themselves to create more successful relationship patterns in a trusting, supportive environment.

If you have interest in any of these groups, please call 262-607-6390.  
Costs, insurance information, and group availability will be provided when you call.